What activities should 4th-year students undertake on placement?

Students will be provided with learning activities to complete during their placements, which will be assessed by their School of Pharmacy.  These learning activities will be delivered through three academic modules:

  • Professional Practice e.g. legal, ethical and professional challenges in practice.
  • Personal Skills e.g. decision making and leadership skills.
  • Organisation and Management Skills e.g. self-management, HR, financial management, QA.

It is envisaged that students will develop their competence in these areas by completing the academic modules and practicing the competencies with mentorship and guidance from their placement provider. These competencies have been chosen for 4th Year to reflect the diversity of practice setting where the students will be undertaking their placements. The placement activities will vary greatly depending on the placement organisation and the stage in the students’ development. Guidance on suitable activities will be provided by APPEL.