One of APPEL’s primary goals is to support students as they embark on their practice placements. This support is provided in a number of ways.

APPEL ‘Preparing for Placement’ Presentations

Practice Educators in UCC, RCSI, and Trinity speak to students in their second year, about how they should best prepare for their practice placement. Advice about punctuality, professionalism, dress-code, and the importance of confidentiality is presented.

The students’ attention will be drawn to the Schools of Pharmacy Student Code of Conduct. Students are ambassadors for their colleges while on placement and the same high standard of professional behaviour is expected on placement as it is in college. The Schools of Pharmacy Code of Conduct is available here.


APPEL has engaged with the Schools of Pharmacy and practicing pharmacists to develop handbooks for our placements. The handbooks include information on:

  • APPEL and the new 5-year integrated programme
  • The placement paperwork
  • The rules and requirements for students undertaking a practice placement
  • The Schools of Pharmacy Student Code of Conduct.

A copy of each handbook can be downloaded from the Resources page of this website.

Practice Educators

Each School of Pharmacy has one or two Practice Educators, whose role is to support students on their journey to practice. Practice Educators support students as they are about to embark on their practice placement, while they are on placement and after they have completed their placement. Each Practice Educator has extensive pharmacy practice experience and works part-time with the Schools of Pharmacy. In this way, Practice Educators are well placed to assist with any issues arising during a placement. If you have any concerns while you are on placement please contact your own School of Pharmacy’s Practice Educator. Details on all the APPEL team, including Practice Educators, can be found here.

Helpdesk Support

The APPEL operations team can be contacted during office hours at or 01-4025129 if you have any queries or concerns.

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to the questions most frequently asked by students can be found here.