The APPEL Network

APPEL are running a series of exclusive webinars for APPEL Placement Providers to offer opportunities to learn more about a diverse range of important topics.


Crucial Conversations

20th April, 7pm-8pm

Frank Guy, Leadership & Performance Coach

Sometimes we have to have tough conversations. Whether it’s providing feedback, managing conflict, or addressing an issue – these conversations may be challenging but they are crucial.

This training will show you how you can plan for and handle these conversations,  ensuring your student benefits from the conversation, understands its importance, and enhancing your relationship as an outcome.

By the end of this training you will:

  • Be aware of the impact we have on students in how we show up in conversations – understand our approach emotionally and mentally, know how to prepare and deliver what we need to say, and be aware of the importance of questioning and listening to building relationships
  • Gain confidence in planning and engaging in those crucial conversations in a way that enhances the student’s performance
  • Commit to planning the important conversations in advance, in control of our own state, and to scheduling regular adult-to-adult reviews

Fostering Critical Thinking

25th May, 7pm-8pm

Eileen Savage, PhD, Excello Coaching & Faciliation

Critical thinking is an essential skill for pharmacy students and applying it can be very different in practice than in the classroom.

The aim of this workshop is to facilitate APPEL trainers to cultivate critical thinking mindsets in pharmacy students when facilitating their learning during placement experiences.

Over the hour, Eileen will cover:

  • Critical thinking – What it is and why it counts
  • Critical thinking in clinical contexts
  • Critical thinking as a matter of mindset
  • Honing critical thinking skills

More topics to be confirmed…

Got an idea for a future webinar topic? Contact us to let us know!

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