Can a student undertake a placement in a Training Establishment or under the supervision of a Trainer, if they are a connected relative?

As per SI No. 377/2014, students cannot undertake a placement in a Training Establishment or under the supervision of a Trainer “if he or she has a connection with either the training establishment or the tutor pharmacist concerned”.

A connected relative includes spouse or partner, parent, brother, sister, child, spouse of a child, grandparent, uncle, aunt, niece, nephew, brother-in-law, sister-in-law and parent-in-law.

Who is responsible for assessing 4th-Year students?

Preceptors are responsible for overseeing students’ competence appraisals. They are required to complete two student Competency Assessments during the placement.

Students must achieve a level 3 in all competency behaviours in the final assessment. If you have any concern about a student reaching the required level of competency, please get in touch with a Practice Educator as early as possible, to enable them to support you and the student.

The Schools of Pharmacy are responsible for academic assessment.

Can students undertake placements in a Training Establishment where they are currently an employee?

The legislation precludes students from undertaking a placement in a Training Establishment or under the supervision of a Trainer if they have certain family member connections with either the Training Establishment or the trainer. In addition, legislation precludes students from undertaking their 5th-year placement in the same Training Establishment in which they undertook their 4th-year placement.

Outside of these legislative requirements, there is no legal impediment to students undertaking a placement in a Training Establishment in which they have previously been, or are currently, employed or in which they undertook their 2nd-year placement. However, students are encouraged to increase the breadth of their placement experience by undertaking placements in new Training Establishments, where possible. This will allow students to gain a broader experience of the pharmacy profession.

Can students undertake 6-month placements in their 4th Year?

APPEL Placements are four months in duration during the first semester of the fourth year of students’ MPharm programme.

However, many students have expressed interest and availability in working at their placement provider’s establishment in the July and August prior to their placement. Such an arrangement is permitted but would be outside the APPEL programme.

What activities should 4th-year students undertake on placement?

At the end of the 4th-year placement, it is intended that students will be able to demonstrate a required level of competency in the relevant behaviours in the PSI’s Core Competency Framework aligned to the three domains listed below:

  1. Professional Practice
  2. Personal Skills
  3. Organisation and Management Skills

On Wednesdays, students will undertake academic online modules based on the same competencies; these will be assessed by the Schools of Pharmacy.

During the placement, you should facilitate your student to undertake activities that will support them to develop competency in the relevant behaviours from these three domains.  A training plan will enable you and your student to plan a sufficient range of activities.  You can find an induction and training plan in the Resources section.

Examples of activities that your student can complete can be found in the Guidance on Delivering APPEL Experiential Learning Placements.

If you are having difficulty identifying opportunities for your student(s) to develop certain competencies, please contact APPEL and we will arrange for a Practice Educator to assist you.

Have students completed vetting?

All students are required to undergo vetting as part of their registration for the integrated pharmacy programme. In order to reduce the requirement for training establishments to also undertake student vetting, APPEL provides Vetting Written Joint Agreement forms which delegates the task of vetting students to the Higher Education Institutions (HEIs).

Will 4th-year students be available for interview?

Interviews can be undertaken so that the best fit possible is achieved between students, their Training Establishments and their Trainers. Interviews can take place face-to-face, via telephone or video calls. Please note, students will still be in university and required to attend lectures and workshops during the matching process so your flexibility in the timing and mode of engagement with students is very much appreciated.